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exercise 7 en1420 Essay - 748 Words

Exercise 7.1 ANSWERING THE OPPOSITION Answering the opposition EN1420 Jorge Angeles Answering the opposition What was your initial reaction to Limbaugh’s claim that, â€Å"feminism was established so that unattractive women could have easier access to the mainstream of society? My first reaction was that he went a little bit too far with that statement, I think unattractive women and attractive women could have or not have an easier access to the mainstream of society as any men too. † What are two of Limbaugh’s main points? The first main point is the fact that women today have more power even though the biological fact that male are the aggressors is true, but women have the power to make decisions when it†¦show more content†¦How does Limbaugh support these points? Give specific examples here from the text. An example given is the concept of date rape, which the intent of rape which does not have different meanings, but it is to distinguish the serious types of rape within the category of rape behavior that is not rape. A proof described is the young star of â€Å"The Wonder Years,† Fred Savage who at the time was sixteen years old experienced a case with sexual harassment by a former staffer of the show, Monique Long, who claimed that Savage repeatedly asked her to have an affair with him and touched her by her holding her hand. Another case involved was with Jason Harvey who was another actor who had harassed the same woman for two years on the show as a costume designer and at one instance touching her in a sexual way. These proofs show that sexual harassment can be interpreted into many ways. How would you answer Limbaugh’s points if you were arguing for the opposition to each of the two points you have selected? That woman today doesn’t have a lot of power because we live in a planet where in other countries and religion, men are to be believed to be superior to women. Also for the second point women should claim any type of abuses, even if it is a minor incident, to alert me to step away and not to mess with women, even if these types of defenses mechanics could be called by men as feminism. Overall, did you find this essay convincing? Why or why not? IShow MoreRelatedEn1420 Exercise 3 Essay762 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿LORENZO BROWN EN1420 exercise 3.1 Identify the Logical Fallacies 1. Mabel is not qualified to lead the school board because she used to drink liquor in her 20s. A. Ad Hominem; This is under Ad Hominem because the arguer is supporting her claim by pulling information from the her personal life instead of using the knowledge they know about the subject being a leader. 2. A child can be either an athlete or a good student. a. Either-or; this is under the Either-or category because the argument

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